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Monday, 29 April 2013

Y is for You

Yes, YOU. Whoever you are, I'd like to thank you for reading this. If you've been reading all month, or even started following my blog, I'd like to thank you even more.

Writers would be nothing without readers; what's the point in telling a tale or voicing an opinion if there's nobody around to listen? I did that for years, writing stories (mostly unfinished, I have to admit) and just keeping them in a file on a shelf. And now I lament that I'm not a published author, that my dream is yet to come true. Well, that's probably why, eh?

The challenge is almost at an end now. I can't say it's been easy (previous posts will testify to that). but it's been the thought that someone - you - will be reading, expecting something, that's kept me going. Yet, in a way, I'm also disappointed with myself; fact is, while I've looked at many other blogs, I've rarely commented. I've been someone else's "you" and, while I've been impressed with what I've seen, I haven't often said so. Back on the positive side, it's great to know there's a big community out there, something that's often easy to forget when you're sat alone at a keyboard - the bloggerverse is out there, waiting for me to boldy go. It's a voyage I'm looking forward to, now that I've had my eyes opened to what's out there,

So, dear reader of past, present or future - thank YOU.

And finally... Fellow writers - here's one of my favourite pieces of advice, one that's been reinforced by doing this challenge: "The only thing stopping you, is YOU." Keep going, don't stop and - one day - that dream may come true.


  1. It is super-difficult to go around and comment on all the a to z blogs....... hard enough to just keep up with writing something fresh and entertaining each day! I admire you for sticking to it. :)


  2. I admire you for keeping it going for a month. awesome job. I only found out about the challenge a week or so into it. next year I am participating. who knows this may open the floodgates on some of your past writing projects and be the beginning of a flood of ideas? I enjoy the blog.