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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

U is for Undecided

Stuck again.

There are several U's I thought I'd write about but  - as with I - I only managed a line on each. Take Ukelele, for instance; did you know it was Hawaiian for 'jumping flea'? It's an instrument I considered learning to play a couple of years back, but I bought a harmonica instead. I've used it twice - another failed hobby.

I also considered talking about the 1990's TV series Ultraviolet, a character-driven drama based on the idea that vampires exist, without ever mentioning the V-word (it's been re-released on DVD in the UK this week, well worth a watch). Or Unique, which each of us are, with our own ideas and views; sometimes shared, sometimes not, I was going to try and get deep and meaningful, but it's difficult at this time of the morning. I could even have used "Un", which is a prefix to a word used to decribe its opposite. I suppose I have, in a way, done that; far from being decided, I'm "un"decided.

For a writer, there's nothing worse that not knowing what to write, whether it's the next line in a story or even not having a story to write. With five more letters to go, though, I can't give up. So close to the end now and, while it's started to get difficult, I'm still enjoying it. I guess it wouldn't be called a challenge if it was going to be easy, now would it?

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