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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

T is for Tea

I love a cup of tea. Nice and strong, bag left in the cup for a good couple of minutes, just a dash of milk. That's if I'm not having an Earl Grey - the method's much the same, but no milk required. A slice of lemon if I'm feeling particularly aristocratic, but I've only ever done that a couple of times - why spoil a good thing?

There are, of course, those who would disagree with me. Coffee drinkers, possibly. Now, I like coffee too, but if I had to decide, tea would win hands down. Apart from the standard fare - usually an Assam blend of some sort - and an Earl Grey, I've tried various others. The only one I couldn't get away with was Lapsang Souchong, which was like drinking smoke. I offered a cup to a friend a few years ago, and he put milk in it. The result was like something from a mad scientist's lab, Mr Hyde's drink of choice.

If I get stuck when writing, the simple act of making a brew helps. Tea's a drink I associate with creating stories, as if it's a potent elixir that cures writer's block. I've read that doing simple chores can help relax the mind, so maybe boiling the kettle  and preparing the cup does the same, allowing ideas to take fruition.

Much has been discussed over a cup of tea. If there were troubles when I was younger, it would be a trip to the pub for a couple of pints; now it's having a cuppa while the world is put to rights. Probably with a ginger biscuit or two (or three!) to be dunked.

This post was written on an entirely random subject, but it goes to show the prupose of the A to Z Challenge. You can write a couple of hundred words about anything that comes to mind, even something as vague as this. I'm off to finish my cup of tea now - let's hope it gives me some inspiration for U...

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  1. Well, for me you can write a couple of hundred more words about a nice cup of tea, it's definitely my beverage of choice - except for Earl Grey which I totally disagree with - I think it's the bergamot - though it is my MIL's favourite, slice of lemon essential and not too strong.