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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Storm Passes...

... or "Why I Killed A Blog".

It seemed a good idea at the time. The End.

Back in the mists of time, before even this blog was a twinkle in the cat's eye, I setup a blog called Storm Brewing. It never saw a post until earlier this month, when I decided it would be my new site to review comics. Why a separate site? I don't know, but I supposed it was there for a reason, and I wanted to separate a 'serious' review site from this much more personal blog.

Now some time has passed, I've decided I can also review on A Flash Of Midnight, as well as share my usual witty banter/inane drivel* (*delete as applicable). You see, even in the three brief posts I've written for Storm Brewing, I wax nostalgic about comics and, admittedly, repeat a few things I've already said here in the past. I can't help myself; even my review of the Newcastle Comic Con was filled with the emotions that make me, rather than a straight-forward descriptive piece. It's hardly a world-shattering revelation, but perhaps it's one I had to make, to be comfortable with my presence in the blogverse.

There's no need for a 'new me', no need for another blog or another Twitter account. Just A Flash Of Midnight and @awdscrawl - along with all the right words, hopefully in the right order.

And you, of course. Thanks to everyone (both of you?) who reads this, has enjoyed it, and will hopefully enjoy it in the future. And, if you know anyone who makes comics, pass my name their way; I'd love to read and review their work. It warms my heart that those who followed my new (also soon to be erased) Twitter account now follow me on @awdscrawl, too.

So that's goodnight from me, and a farewell to Storm Brewing. I've not been away, yet it feels great to be back.

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